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professionally managed organization, providing automated solutions for your business needs in Latest Software and Internet technologies
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Online IT Training

Our years of experience, have allowed us to specialize in the IT training. Our teaching methodology is based on online classes, with instructors specialized in programming languages and software tools that allow students to have a technological strength to attend software developments and maintenance with success the learned.

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Class Room Training

PRO CAREER Instructor-led Classroom Training is a live training by the domain expert Instructor. The physical presence of both the trainer and the trainee provides an opportunity for face-to-face interaction. This platform facilitates in creating constructive dialogue and allows the participants to gain additional guidance. 

We provide Software Engineering and IT organizations with a range of solutions and services in the areas of Application Development, Maintenance, Embedded Systems, Software Testing and Quality Assurance. Our superior methodologies, standards, processes, quality, and project management help us execute projects that often exceed client expectations.

Our company was built on great ideas and core values including discipline, quality and risk taking. We honor, value and celebrate the unique viewpoints of our employees, communities, customers, suppliers, and other partners in the global marketplace. The perspectives, abilities and experiences of our workforce are key to the success of our company and fundamental to our role as a technology leader.

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