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Class Room Training

Professional Man Holding a Tablet

PRO CAREER Instructor-led Classroom Training is a live training by our expert faculty. The one-one class room training, move at a pace as decided by the participant and their schedule rather than program/course structure. There is also flexibility in the duration of classes, which can be timed according to the learner’s preference. Physical presence of both the instructor and the learner provides a good opportunity for class-room experience.  The student has the complete attention of the instructor. This means more opportunity to engage in real communication, more feedback and better understanding of the subject.

Pro Career is the pioneer in offering excellent online IT courses you have been dreaming of right now. Regardless of whether you are an IT or Non-IT hoping to propel your vocation or looking for a better job, you're ensured 100% guarantee to find the course suitable to your Career requirement. Pro Career provides ample opportunities for the learner to use the instructor as a good resource in asking questions, to get deep knowledge about the subject and to practise real-time projects. We constantly make an effort to make the teaching methodologies additionally advanced, dynamic and significant


  • Lectures by Subject Experts

  • Video Demonstrations

  • Hands-on practice sessions

  • Valuable Student and Peer interaction

  • Online resources to access during and after course

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