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Tivoli Directory Integrator

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Tivoli Directory Integrator installs in a few minutes and you can begin building, testing and deploying solutions immediately. It runs on a wide variety of platforms, including Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX®, IBM System, and a number of UNIX and Linux environments.

There are three paths of interest when installing Tivoli Directory Integrator, and the installer will ask you to specify the first two:

• The Installation Directory, where the program files are kept, along with the batch-files or scripts used to launch the various tools.

• The Solution Directory, often abbreviated 'SolDir', which is the current folder whenever you run Tivoli Directory Integrator. You will notice that the startup batch-files and scripts for the Config Editor Development environment (ibmditk) and the Server (ibmdisrv) both start with a command to change directory to the Solution Directory. As a result, all relative paths used in your solution will be expanded from your Solution Directory.

• The workspace folder. This is where your project and resource2 files are kept. This will default to a folder named "workspace" in your Solution Directory.

Tivoli Directory Integrator enables synchronization, transformation, and migration of generic and identity data across heterogeneous systems. Tivoli Directory Integrator helps organizations maintain consistent and trusted data across multiple resources and provides:

Plug-ins for several popular identity stores such as IBM Tivoli Directory Server, Domino (Http Password only), Microsoft Active Directory, and Sun One. These plug-ins securely capture passwords and make them available for processing for Assembly Lines.

An infrastructure and several ready-to-use components for solutions that synchronize user passwords in heterogeneous software environments.

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Tivoli Directory Integrator

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