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Tivoli Access Manager Training

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IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business (TAM) is a commonly used product for securing web resources. You can integrate API Gateway with TAM and leverage your existing access management policies, so you do not have to maintain duplicate policies in both products. All authentication filters can pass identity credentials to TAM for authorization. At runtime, the Tivoli filters in API Gateway can delegate authentication and authorization decisions to TAM, and can also retrieve user attributes.

In integration with TAM, a message filter in API Gateway forwards policy decisions to TAM. TAM makes the policy decision, and API Gateway then enforces the decision.

IBM Tivoli Access Manager (TAM) is an authentication and authorization solution for corporate web services, operating systems, and existing applications. Tivoli Access Manager runs on various operating system platforms such as UNIX (AIX, Solaris, and HP-UX), Linux, and Windows. It has been renamed as IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM), in line with the renaming of other Tivoli products, such as TIM turned ISIM.

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Tivoli Access Manager Training

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