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Tibco BW Training

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TIBCO Software Inc. is a global software company, which provides business integration software to integrate, manage, and monitor enterprise applications and information delivery. Their software products include applications for coordinating business process and activities, securely exchanging information with trading partners, creating and maintaining XML documents, and managing distributed systems.

Their software products are also called by the name TIBCO, which include a set of products like Business Works, EMS, Adapters, business Connect etc.

We can say TIBCO is middleware; however, there are some presentation layer components exist within TIBCO. It is an enterprise Application Integration (EAI) which promotes Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The major portion of its implementation in JAVA.

TIBCO is widely used because of its reliability, flexibility, and scalability. It provides a common framework for integrating incompatible and distributed systems which will make it faster and easier to tie together in real time. TICBCO's EAI software's allows interacting with your applications, data bases, and mainframe by automatically routing and transforming information in an appropriate format to respective destinations.
TIBCO Business works is a package which TIBCO provided where Tibco process (Integrations) are running. We need to deploy the TIBCO applications in a server where we configure BW.

TIBCO Business Works allows you to quickly and easily connect applications, whether on-premises or in the cloud, providing proven reliability and scalability, out-of-the-box. In a head-to-head comparison by an independent third party, TIBCO was found to be the most efficient of the five leading SOA and integration platforms tested.

With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop graphical development environment, TIBCO Business Works eliminates the pain and cost of point-to-point application integration, connecting and unifying business processes across applications, data sources, and APIs.

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Tibco BW Training

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